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  1. page Jessica Higbee edited ... If you would like to learn more about 21st century skills and see the framework that helped us…
    If you would like to learn more about 21st century skills and see the framework that helped us, please click here: www.p21.
    back in FebruaryJanuary and will
    easier reading.
    My first post
    Here's to my very first blog, cheers! :)
    I have not been a very good blogger yet...and I have discovered that I enjoy using word press MUCH more on my computer than my iPad. It is very hard to navigate, for instance: I was reading people's posts but I had no idea who they were frustrating! Additionally, I can not access a previous draft of a post I had begun either. So, as much as this girl loves her iPad it unfortunately is not going to cut it with word press...or at least, not yet!

    Update and looking for ideas
    So I decided to blog a little bit during my lunch break today about the progress that has been taking place in my classroom. As stated before, I am doing a musician biography project with my junior high students. After introducing the project, many of them displayed excitement, which I think occurred because I allowed them to choose their music artist instead of assigning them one. I made a sheet with questions which I will attach to the blog and explained to them how I wanted them to cite their sources. To my surprise I had students asking to take their assignment home to work on it before I had a chance to tell them they could! Since I do have a number of students who don’t have Internet access at home I wanted them to have the opportunity to do this at school. The school has many computers in the library as well as mobile labs. I used both with my students for their research since many of them chose newer artists and most of the information would be found on the internet.
    The first week we went to the library as a class was chaos. Why? Not because of my students behavior, but because only a handful of my students were able to actually access Internet due to problems with login names, transfers, and computer issues. I felt so bad for the librarian because she was helping me and I had to keep making her lists of students who couldn’t log on. I realized that things like this are often the reason why more teachers don’t want to branch out and use more technology in their classrooms. However, as frustrating as it was, I will not let that stop me! But it did make some of my students very annoyed and many of them were discouraged to the point of not wanting to do the assignment. We managed to get things ironed out and I was very pleased with the results. Most of my students took the assignment home and treated it very seriously. I did have a few students try and make up information for their sources though.
    another post!
    My classroom went from a group of students who couldn't care less about music assignments to a group of students who were taking their assignments seriously. All because I began to make my teaching relevant to them...and I explained to them how it would help them in the future.
    If you would like to see the biography paper they had to fill out or if you would like to use this as a resource in your own classrooms, click here:
    Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot
    Posted on April 27, 2011 by jessicahigbee
    same thing!
    At the beginning of this school year everything about my job completely changed (again) and I went from feeling like I had found my niche to feeling like I had been thrown out to the sea of educational chaos and was expected to somehow float on a lifesaver that was made of all I had learned in the past. I found out very quickly that this was not enough. Experience had only taught me so much…I needed to learn much more.
    Thanks to Arts Ed and the most FANTASTIC group of arts colleagues (I truly mean that!) I was able to learn and grow SO much this year! Here are the results I discovered from reviewing the HEAT meter:
    H – High Order Thinking
    questioning aspects.
    E – Engaged Learning Look-Fors
    Students collaborate to define the process, the task, and/or solution; collaboration goes beyond the classroom.
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  2. page Lauren Nemchik edited {DSCN0175.JPG} Learning How To Swim ... Educator happened. I I am from ... hand anymo…
    Learning How To Swim
    Educator happened.

    am from
    hand anymore.

    was asked,
    in Philly.
    Arts Educator 2.0 has reinforced what it means to be an art educator. It has eased my worries and boosted my confidence during my first year. It has immersed me in a pool of creativity and appreciation, a pool I don't mind drowning in once in a while. Although there were specific challenges I have faced this year teaching in an urban setting, AE2.0 reminded me that as long as you have a strong curriculum, clear objectives, and fresh approaches to education you will be successful. (Showing how passionate you are for the subject doesn't hurt either).
    The X's and O's
    rap music.
    My abstract-thinking experiment was based on analyzing rapper Kid Cudi's song, "Sky Might Fall". For the record, it took me a long time to find a hip, interesting, and clean song - props to Cudi. I had the students first read the lyrics, without their knowledge that they were song lyrics let alone rap song lyrics, and then went over a few of the verses line for line. We talked about what the song meant, what kind of emotions he was feeling when he wrote it, and how this all relates back to artistic expression. Then, I tossed in the tah-dah(!). Some students were very excited to learn that they just read through a rap song that had substance, others, more like the majority, thought it was lame that a rapper wrote about real emotions, a real experience, and not about cleavage, cars, and cash. We listened to the song, and then the students worked on using text to describe an emotion. They cut out words from magazines and newspapers, and like Kid Cudi did, used those words to describe an emotional time. The only difference was that they had to make it visual.
    I thought for sure that having a rap song as an introduction and icebreaker would get the students motivated enough to at least try. I couldn't have been more wrong. Frustration occurred, therefore cutting up occurred, therefore no real 21st century skills were being developed. Some produced quality work, but before I could grab my camera it had already been ripped up and thrown in the trash.
    stomach ulcers.


    The Big Bang Theory
    My next sixth grade project, I decided to make a doozy. Yes, they were going to be able to relate to it. The project was also going to be bigger than they could handle. They couldn't spend all of their time making fun of one another because they were going to need one another. I wanted them to acknowledge diversity and collaboration, by having to naturally rely on it. I was also getting tired of the fact that they were wasting my materials that I so preciously guarded (and hoarded). I wanted them to learn that in the real world, people, especially artists, don't just get anything they want. There's this thing called "money".
    just do.
    The classes planned a lot. They created sketches, brainstormed ideas, used different activities to help them think of ways that they could describe themselves. They had to give me something with metaphorical substance. For example, I wasn't falling for the "I want to make an iPod because I listen to it a lot and I <3 music" explanation. Sixth grade worked, and what kept them motivated was the appetizing grandeur of Oldenburg's sculptures. Once I felt that the students had a good grip on a concept for their project, I announced that they had to write (wait for it..) an artist proposal. My room was calm for a few weeks until that point. However, once I started heading for the cup o' pencils, arms started flailing, bodies slouched, and I was getting looks like my face was something that caused instant gag reflexes.
    the project.

    students wrote
    assigned it.
    I realized that this assignment gave them a sense of ownership. Middle schoolers naturally want to take on some responsibilities. They are at that weird stage where they like to feel like an adult, yet sometimes fall back into children's play. This assignment created a pre-teen version similar to playing "house". These kids pretended like they had a job to do, they were applying for something..something that most of them genuinely wanted to accomplish. In turn, they found a little thing inside themselves.
    Sixth grader, meet Mr. Motivation.
    Work Day 1 was a little nerve racking. Each student, with an approved proposal, had their own bin with the materials they needed to begin the project. Community materials such as the duct tape, scissors etc. were placed in one specific labeled area and directions were listed on the chalkboard. The whole period was actually very well organized and thought out thanks to my morning, prep, and lunch. I am typing this with one hand because my other one is too busy patting my back.
    My thought process was to continue making this project something special to show these students that they are special. Sixth grade had a really bad rep. The students knew they were hard to handle and rambunctious. I wanted to flip that thinking. Instead of pounding in their heads that excuse of only being able to do paper and pencil projects with them because they're so "bad", I instead wanted to prove to them that they can handle an incredibly involved project.
    their seats.

    I get
    Huh? Huh???!"

    attitudes towards
    ulcers, indeed.

    students got
    your mouth.
    {DSC03848.JPG} {DSC03847.JPG}
    Be Friends".
    {DSCN0126.JPG} Student helping the other finish painting her project before cleanup
    {DSCN0089.JPG} Student helps hold the sculpture while other finishes painting
    On The Side
    school involved.
    7th and 8th grade came up with the theme while the rest of the school designed specific elements. The following excerpt is taken from our blog and explains the method of my inquiry madness:
    Each class is partaking and we are having conversations about the school’s diversity throughout the project! The mural is going to be based on a puzzle (the middle school uses puzzle pieces as a positive incentive for good behavior). 7th and 8th grade have been brainstorming ideas for an actual message. We have decided to go with: Acceptance Is The Piece That Connects Us. This has really opened up many discussions on who we are as a school, recognizing that there are many different types of people that go to the school, and seeing the beauty in our differences.
    {DSCN0122.JPG} Mural in progress
    For more of Lauren's reflections please visit her archives.
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  3. page Pete & C Highlights edited In February Group Members Lorraine Kelly and Cory Wilkerson attended the Pennsylvania Educational …
    In February Group Members Lorraine Kelly and Cory Wilkerson attended the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference. Lorraine kept session notes to share knowledge with the group:
    Pete&C Conference Monday 8:30
    Jeff Corwin - keynote speaker
    Responsibility to the environment
    Monday 10:15 Creating Dynamic Animations with PowerPoint Michael Ruffin - terrible presenter
    CHECK virtual fieldtrip recourses - Pete&C links for recourses
    web quests, concept mapping,
    Use PowerPoint to make more engaging presentations, storytelling, web quests, virtual field trips, etc. ,,k
    Newest features help with animations.
    High quality animations - - not free
    Audacity for free sound bites - free music downloads - check royalty-free music, browse by genre
    www.melaman2/tvshows/index.html tv show theme music, cartoon themes
    Insert a graphic, go to animations, custom animation, add effect, motion path, draw custom path, (scribble), draw your path - add another, change speed (duration do with previous) Information given by Nikki from Pen Argyl Area
    Can use 30 seconds or less of a song or 4 lines of written text without permission.
    Session 2 - iPads, inquiry and PD - Mara Linabeger and Camille Dempsey
    Facilitated learning, Collaborative Inquirery groups, methods of reflection, blogging, wikis, best practices,
    Use document cameras to project iPad screen for the entire class.
    Let students rate the apps, let students use the iPad to search for info and what they want to learn about.
    Use Foster to create a poster for a presentation
    Getting class sets of iPads for student work.
    Periodic table app
    Discovery Ed app
    BL093209 session #
    Cl02 - 2:30 iPad Personalizing, learning, creating, and sharing - Marrco Torres
    Word solitare
    Flipboard - changes blogs to magazine style.
    Backstory with the American History guys - podcast
    It is the first devise that changes according to the need at hand.
    How should we use them in school?
    What interests do you have? - what are you interested in doing in school - that drives you to find the apps that you could use.
    Social Studies is a science of decision making
    flikr provides archives, room for comments, creating a learning environment
    youtube offers tutorials - take a week and learn something totally new using youtube tutorials.
    Make a facebook page ofr a particular interest - making your own professional development!
    Evidence of learning:
    Start gathering information
    What can we do about it?
    App - finds elected officials for your local area - Congress
    Mycongress - identifies local officials
    Songmaker - adds music to what you say, turns it into a song.
    Ipevo Usb camera - under $60
    Dragon dictation
    The elements - awesome
    Wikipedia app
    Discover - takes information and turns it into a magazine article.
    Wikihood - tells you info about what is in the area.
    Mind mapping tools:
    Ithoughts HD
    AR USA
    Star walk
    Livescribe - pencast app converts what you write and say to an iPad document
    Puppet pals - creats characters that the student reads the parts for it. Free version - pay version - upload your own pictures.
    Comic strip - take a common lesson and turn it into a comic strip.
    IPad can interface with the computer
    Garage band - controlled by ipad
    Thumbjam - play music in a particular key in a particular instrument
    Monday 3:45DL02 The time is now: Embedding 21st Century skill Tim Magner PeteandC ning has the power point.
    Steps to creating a 21st Century environment
    1. Adopt a vision
    2. Create a community consensus
    develop rubrics for evaluating
    3. Align your whole system
    calendar, school year, etc.
    Use the MILE guide
    Professional development
    Prioritze the skills
    Identify your PD
    Use 21st Century Core subject maps
    5. Support the teacher in the classroom
    video 21
    teach 21
    6. Focus on Asssessment
    common core
    New tech model
    NC Genetics assessment
    Portfolio of the 4 Cs (Envision Schools)
    Senior capstone projects
    7. Continuously Improve and Innovate:
    Create a continuous improvement culture
    Create accountability for things that really matter (accountability)
    Model innovation
    Think outside:
    The classroom
    Your campus
    Is your school/ district/classroom purposeful and intentional about 21st Century outcomes?
    Tuesday 9:00 When Harry met Bella - podcasting EL04 - Elo43080
    When Harry met Bella adventures in podcasting
    Kendra erickson
    Podcast Recorded audio file with an rss feed that enables it to be subscribed.
    Title, episode title and sound necessary
    Can include a description of the podcast.
    Chapters can be useful for separating sections within an episode. Click on
    chapter and title it. Backing chapter ...
    Add script by assigning lines to each character.
    Title the episode
    Click on images to create a visual cover image
    Choose your actors, use a microphone, loud and clear, can wrap with tissue to
    eliminate popping sounds
    Press red button to begin recording watch for countdown.
    Hit spacebar between each speaker to separate sound bites and color code
    wave files.
    To eliminate pauses, highlight area to delete and press red X undo button if a
    You can add a pause or sound effect from drop down menu.
    Volume can be lowered, but you can't increase a section. You can highlight a
    section and re-record a section.
    Add a second track, hit plus icon next to record, add music background, look for
    audio bites. To control volume, use slider on left
    Scroll roller ball on mouse will som in and out the timeline.
    Save your podcast as a .pod and as an mp3
    Publish podcast by pressing the sat alight icon. People icon next to it give
    options to email or copy
    To listen to podcast, on browser, go to iTunes and subscribe to it.
    Go to advanced and subscribe, paste in the URL given earlier.
    Tes. Library
    Use electronic digital frames
    Reading guides using labels
    QR codes in books
    Wordalls for genre signs
    Use a tilde in wordless to string words together
    Use advanced screen, play with the weight of words fiddle in between and use a colon to create the wave
    HP poster printer 13 x 19
    Kids do poster campaign for return library book
    Joyce Valenzia
    Canadian Shakespeare company does Romeo and Juliet enriched book mashup
    collection of art create a story around it
    Face out shelving on online bookshelves
    Use floater to being up books and book talks
    Go to amazon find books get code make face out bookshelf
    Publishers put out widgets with book excerpts
    Search for author interviews
    Sync magazine made free audio books
    Only two clicks she uses for path finder view
    Use google custom search
    Use this to create a full blown research project by linking glogsters
    ALA has a free read poster generator.
    Free - print out mailer - wrap book - put through postage machine
    STHS Library Guides -
    Comic life to create posters.
    Use it to make comic strips and posters
    Build a thesis tool
    Create thesis and then outline
    Lib guide not free service
    It also gives you an outline to write your research paper, gives directions on how to flush out information and support the thesis.
    Ask pa librarian
    Diego links
    School library link to smart phone
    Uses edmoto for annual report
    Pathfinder swap
    Libraries are kitchens
    Social studies nine digital handbook. -
    Databases library offers are available as databases
    Snack widgets
    Snack widgets
    Ny times widget builder
    CDC has widgets
    Widget echo system
    Scholastic news widget
    Google hides in tabs - hidden tools
    Google squared comparison project
    Google history time line
    Itunes U teacher tv collaborative learning, Primary management, learning, ect podcasts, kids create a poster to create a poster ( use comic life on white board) that teaches what ever their assigned topic is. Jigsaw - when kids learn something, teach it to someone else, then self assess and peer assess.
    Tuesday HL11 Western PA School for the Deaf HL113454
    Posted on the Ning, forums, discussion, concurrent sessions for 2011, title
    More affordable than a laptop
    Battery life is longer
    control the security
    Student can be interactive,
    Built in eReaders
    Each student got their own
    All synched to one MacBook with one user account
    Buy pager licenses, can all use that app
    Security features prevent them from downloading apps or
    Searching the web
    Mail feature was empty.
    School used gaggle as a filtered email
    Gave each of the teacher an iPad and synched to their own computer. Given
    iTunes gift card to download content specific apps.
    Independent use of study island.
    Make presentations
    NEC is making an app for the VGA adaptors to use the projectors
    Use document camera to share, show keynote or slideshow
    Office HD, pages, keynote
    Drop box will upload and download
    Mobicip filters their Internet access is at home and at school
    Print and share
    Restrictions locks out use of many parts of the iPad
    Safari, utube, iTunes, installing apps, in app purchases, location is NOT
    IPCU can hold all os your preferences for a group of iPads
    Crop for free , crops screen shots
    KDKA, WTAE-TV, flashcard share, brain pop
    Desktop app allows 2apps open at once
    Print and share
    Combine 4
    Easel algebra 1 pro
    Science trivia
    Star walk
    Language arts
    Grammar express
    Index card
    Quiz let
    GEO Walks
    Presidents of the us for iPads
    State and capitals challenge
    10,000 facts
    Tues. Ginger Chuck Visual Learning 21st Century
    Learning styles example is dancing with the stars argument with Kate and Max
    How do your students learn best?
    Most are visual, kinesthetic learning
    Physical or kinesthetic
    Logical or mathematical
    Group or social learner
    Solitary learner
    21st C S
    Visual learning is perceived 60,000 times faster
    Slides on his web site
    Prior knowledge is very hard to unteach.
    Decoding ability to apply knowledge of letters to read
    Encoding Visually translate
    Slides shown, partial shots of the whole, make inferences from what you see.
    Are photos representations of history or historical events
    Some photos are altered
    Dove YouTube video shows how they are altered, giving new version of beauty.
    No more than 10% are un retouched always cite the source.
    Visual literousy , literesy to learn. book
    Digital storytelling means merging
    How do you access creativity, it needs to be way at the top
    Lessons from Africa, Harnessing Student Creativity by Tutaleni Asino
    How does the IPad fit into the contex beyond " cool"
    S.w. Africa, Namimbia
    Very small population,
    One schoolwass in the city, with high technology.
    Second school, no computers, just typewriters
    Reactions to the iPad:
    “I don't want to look bad.” Afraid to touch it
    Students interested but afraid to break it,
    Thanks, but no thanks, will not allow it because they think it is a distraction
    Last group is so excited and can't stop interacting with it.
    1. Familiarize, creative exercise, if you had unlimited amount of money and
    could create your own phone, what would you make?
    2, ask them what they would do with the iPad if they had one
    3. What we're their concerns with using it?
    Finding wifi. And finding electricity to run it, getting beat up and someone
    steal it,
    4. Ask students to come up with ways they would like to use it.
    5. Have the students test it.
    6. Have students be design partners.
    45 Minute Social Studies Makeover by James Gates
    Not a "how to, but a what to"
    Teachers needs:
    Collect news feeds
    Get world perspectives
    Discuss forums and debates and blogs
    Share bookmarks to and from students
    Common site to create knowledge
    Means for students to collaborate
    Alternatives to power point
    Gathering news feed
    Use an aggregator a selection of gathered texts and puts them all in one spot
    Gets news articles by search of topic
    Morning copy add on for firefox Search a topic, on bottom left, hit latest, gives live feed news.
    Can choose the (Egypt).
    Search country domain code
    Mubarak source: new York times
    Forums for discussion Blackboard, levies, wikispaces discussion tab use
    Has an option to split a post and make it its own tread.
    qzoom for windows allows you to zoom in on your desktop
    How do we share bookmarks?
    Diigo accounts use tags
    Student accounts, upload a list of names and notes are only visible to them
    Training with Sharon available graphic bookmarking and sharing
    Make tours, pick a place, show street view,
    Pecha kucha Method of making a presentation without bullets 20 seconds for
    each slide. Changes slide shows to storytellers. Like TedTalk
    Really makes students aware of content
    On ning for peteandc site
    March 4, 2011
    Students have finished writing their research papers for Black History month. Although they did the research, they have found the project boring and less than motivating. I have decided that the presentation portion of this project should take on a new "21st Century Skills" light! The options listed below for presentation method was a definite turn on for motivation. Students were permitted to take home the iPad or vado cameras over night to do their projects. This show of trust opened new doors for students who have no technology at home and do not always feel trusted my adults. This communicated my faith in them!
    1. Students may work in pairs or groups to complete their projects, but each student must complete their Biography presentation alone. This collaboration allows them to teach each other a process they may be familiar with and give each other a little confidence in trying something new.
    2. Students may choose any presentation method they wish to use. This is intended to promote creativity among the students. Many types of technology are also available to the students for their creations. I have demonstrated the use of a few apps on the iPad that they may use and how to make a "paper slide" video cast. (These are commonly seen on youtube by Commoncraft) They have chosen:
    Story kit - app on iPad
    Songmaker - app on iPad
    Puppetshow - app on iPad
    Paperslide video using document camera
    Timeline using additional computer research
    Foster - poster app on iPad
    Poster - using artistic personal design
    Mobile - using artistic persona design
    3. All presentations must be given to the class by one student and will be graded using the 21st Century Skills rubric shown on OSIG wiki page.

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  4. page Lauren Nemchik Archives edited Hello world! 21st Century skills research starts.. now. Recycled Robots I just recently finished…
    Hello world! 21st Century skills research starts.. now.
    Recycled Robots
    I just recently finished a collaborative project with second and third grade that went unexpectedly smooth! The project in general was very loose and open-ended. The students learned about form and were asked to create a robot from recycled materials. The classroom was divided into 3-4 teams depending on the number of students. Each team had 4-5 students in them and each student had a job that they chose (builder, taper, tape cutter, runner). I explained what each role entailed and before the project could start, the students had to agree on who took on which role.
    Once that was accomplished, the teams received a bin of recycled materials. I was nervous to see how much help they were going to need since they had no real set plan. I should mention that before this, we talked about what makes soemthing a robot. We made noises like robots, moved like a robot, looked at pictures of robots, and then each student made paper robots. Each table was given bins with paper and objects to trace. After cutting out their traced shapes, each student had to use them to create a 2D robot. I think that that prior experience of diving into the bins and already creating a robot out of abstract forms really helped the main group project. The kids began right away and took their jobs very seriously! It was as if I had four little factories going on in my room. The class was full of excitement and conversation from start to finish.
    There were some disagreements which I totally expected. Not everyone was getting equal say, the natural leaders began to have a little too much control, and bickering as to which, the water bottle or toilet paper holder, would work better as a robot neck began. I used this as an opportunity to teach problem-solving strategies..easy ones like rock-paper-scissors or 'I'm thinking of a number between 1-10'. Those strategies got the project completed. The students were able to make an argument to their group if they felt passionate about a decision and conversation was happening at all times. Each team completed a robot, collectively came up with a name (my favorite being Latoya Burnette Jenson Jackson III) and story (quick summations of two: Queen was born in outer space, has four legs and still lives with his mom and Young Jeezy is from Mars and is Team Jacob), and decided on what color they wanted it to be.
    Overall, I found this project to be a great success, not only for my classroom but also for the beginnings of my inquiry. I chose the groups myself and divided up friends and grouped up 'enemies' to see if certain students could function around others. It wasn't always pretty, but everyone did have some hand in the project. Those problem-solving strategies really did help, and were totally new to the kids. At first, they would get really upset or offended if the group didn't want to use their idea, but after a while they did ease up. Conversations got be be a lot lighter and easier as opposed to the initial heated debates. I think they really got a taste of what it means to be on a team and work in a group. Not everyone is going to have their way, and although they may have wanted a different color, name, arm or leg..they still found a way to be proud of their final outcome. [slideshow]
    6th Grade...dahn dahn DAHNNNN
    Today started the first day of our Claes Oldenburg sculptures. Before I go into further detail, let me just preface this and explain that I have two 6th grade classes, both of which are by far my most difficult. The behavior issues are outstanding, we're crowded, and no one seems to get along. I decided to really focus on these two classes for my inquiry. We have been doing a lot of exercises that help examine each student's identity and their unique qualities as a person. My thinking is that if the students can accept who they are, realize both their good and not-so-good qualities, they'll be able to understand that other people are complex as well. We have to first accept this in order to tolerate it.
    Anywho, the first exercise happened after we analyzed a Kid Cudi rap song (yeah, it took me two nights to find a clean one). The song caught the kids off guard and were excited to have a discussion about it. We talked about how Kid Cudi used words to express an emotion. This lead into the actual project. The students were given the assignment to think about a time they felt a really strong emotion, then they were to go through magazines and newspaper to create a collage using text that would express that emotion and experience. They were given similar guidelines as we were with our paper people. The Kid Cudi intro was probably the most successful part. The majority of students were clueless as to how to approach the art project.
    Another exercise involved filling out worksheets, making lists of groups the students belong to (ie. teams, troops, church groups etc.), and then coming up with symbols to represent those groups. The students were to use these two assignments to come up with a chair design. The task was to pretend that you were commissioning an artist to design a chair just for you. "How would you know it was yours? What would your chair say about you?" Many students went above and beyond my expectations. Some really took into account the actual characteristics of a chair and meshed that with their identity. For example, some students turned the legs of the chair into representations of family members or friends. Like the legs of a chair support the seat, so do certain people the student. It was quite beautiful.
    So, today, we started to really turn this into something big. We talked about Claes Oldenburg and his sculptures of everyday objects. I asked them to think about all of the past projects and assignments and use those things learned for this project. The big question: think of an everyday object that represents you.

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Sunday, May 22

  1. page Minutes edited ... 12:15 - 2:30 - Create the movie stills and a list of any needed sound effects - identify and c…
    12:15 - 2:30 - Create the movie stills and a list of any needed sound effects - identify and choose any needed quotes or data
    do we need to record students speaking? Mary's daughter? Take snippets from our Voice Thread?
    - each person choose at least 10 images and one brief video clips to give to the production team
    communication, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. What changed in your teaching? What changed in your students?
    2- group summary-
    our story?
    a- dipity time line
    b- our CIG playground filled with artifacts from our classrooms
    - we should revisit our original statement of the challenges our students face and assess where we are now in each classroom
    - our final documentation should showcase the best of all of the artifacts we have been collecting along the way- images, text, video, audio
    year's inquiry.
    Cory posed the question: how will this tool show our story? How will this tool allow us to share what we discovered as we pursed the question "How does a 21st century mindset impact teaching and learning?"
    Lorraine asked how we can avoid duplicate work, or adding layers and it was agreed that we would create links to our existing documentation. Important question: Can you embed a link in a wallwisher sticky?
    Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Day 5 - March 4th, 2011
    Can all attend April 29th?
    Can some do interviews?
    Jessica: How do the pauses in the piece effect the feel of the music?
    Mary: How do performers perform without a composer? If you put that piece in front of three random performers, would it have sounded different?
    sound track.
    it's official, we have permission!
    Afternoon Job Alike Sharing Questions:
    How are you using technology in your inquiry and how has it impacted your inquiry?-
    Day 6 planning Day
    Technology -
    music mash up - each pick a song that speaks to our inquiry - this song will be background For the movie our CIG will make.
    Moviemaker ?
    Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Skype Meetings - February 16th and 28th
    Orange Group met by Skype to check in on the progress of the inquiry. Amy, Cory, Diane, Jessica, Lauren and Lorraine attended. We discussed the inquiry question and teased out what a "21st Century Mindset" might mean. The inquiry question revolves around a focus on teaching that encourages communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. We intend to bring in technology in meaningful ways as tools for learning and incorporate strategies for independent learners.
    the arts.

    was unable
    the performance.
    Finally the group examined documentation as both a reflection tool and a story of learning. Cory shared the final day's CIG Sandbox idea and it was decided to meet April 29th at the IU to create a movie for our "kiosk".
    Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Meeting at IU 1-14-2010
    *We had the opportunity to see "The Space I'm In" from The Mattress Factory. This is an example of Installation Art and for many was a new experience.
    go in the back way and edit your blog to include tags and categories
    a comment
    set up a page describing yourself on the blog
    *Mary will look for a "protocol" to help guide us in creating our description
    10:30 - 11:30
    Would you like to document using the blog for both a "file cabinet" and a journal and reflection tool?
    *The blog is our file cabinet and journal, but our formal presentation will be on the Wiki
    housekeeping - who is using the iPad with their students? who would possibly like to represent our group at Pete N C with a video of your work?
    *Lorraine and Amy met with Mara during lunch to discuss ways they are using their iPads in the classroom
    at lunch
    also: anyone interested in participating in an iPad group on the NING?
    12:30 - 12:40 - engage with the work of art again - How would you use this in your classroom?
    *We each had to briefly describe how we could use this work of art with our students
    - 1:15
    Revisiting the Question - we took a look at the 21st Century Skills website, and narrowed our focus to the following areas:
    Media Technology
    transformative ways?
    *LoTi and HEAT seem to be a good way to gauge how much and how effectively we are using technology in our classroom.
    Everyone is to write a blog post about HEAT.
    Plan our next meeting: face to face? skype? skype office hours? site visits?
    *Our next meetings will be a combination of Skype and face to face, depending on the person.
    about criticism.
    Lastly, we received most of our technology orders. Some things are still not in yet.
    Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - 1/11/2011 - Skype Meeting
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