In February Group Members Lorraine Kelly and Cory Wilkerson attended the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference. Lorraine kept session notes to share knowledge with the group:

Pete&C Conference Monday 8:30
Jeff Corwin - keynote speaker
Responsibility to the environment
Monday 10:15 Creating Dynamic Animations with PowerPoint Michael Ruffin - terrible presenter
CHECK virtual fieldtrip recourses - Pete&C links for recourses
web quests, concept mapping,
Use PowerPoint to make more engaging presentations, storytelling, web quests, virtual field trips, etc. ,,k
Newest features help with animations.
High quality animations - - not free
Audacity for free sound bites - free music downloads - check royalty-free music, browse by genre
www.melaman2/tvshows/index.html tv show theme music, cartoon themes
Insert a graphic, go to animations, custom animation, add effect, motion path, draw custom path, (scribble), draw your path - add another, change speed (duration do with previous) Information given by Nikki from Pen Argyl Area
Can use 30 seconds or less of a song or 4 lines of written text without permission.
Session 2 - iPads, inquiry and PD - Mara Linabeger and Camille Dempsey
Facilitated learning, Collaborative Inquirery groups, methods of reflection, blogging, wikis, best practices,
Use document cameras to project iPad screen for the entire class.
Let students rate the apps, let students use the iPad to search for info and what they want to learn about.
Use Foster to create a poster for a presentation
Getting class sets of iPads for student work.
Periodic table app
Discovery Ed app
BL093209 session #
Cl02 - 2:30 iPad Personalizing, learning, creating, and sharing - Marrco Torres
Word solitare
Flipboard - changes blogs to magazine style.
Backstory with the American History guys - podcast
It is the first devise that changes according to the need at hand.
How should we use them in school?
What interests do you have? - what are you interested in doing in school - that drives you to find the apps that you could use.
Social Studies is a science of decision making
flikr provides archives, room for comments, creating a learning environment
youtube offers tutorials - take a week and learn something totally new using youtube tutorials.
Make a facebook page ofr a particular interest - making your own professional development!
Evidence of learning:
Start gathering information
What can we do about it?
App - finds elected officials for your local area - Congress
Mycongress - identifies local officials
Songmaker - adds music to what you say, turns it into a song.
Ipevo Usb camera - under $60
Dragon dictation
The elements - awesome
Wikipedia app
Discover - takes information and turns it into a magazine article.
Wikihood - tells you info about what is in the area.
Mind mapping tools:
Ithoughts HD
Star walk
Livescribe - pencast app converts what you write and say to an iPad document
Puppet pals - creats characters that the student reads the parts for it. Free version - pay version - upload your own pictures.
Comic strip - take a common lesson and turn it into a comic strip.
IPad can interface with the computer
Garage band - controlled by ipad
Thumbjam - play music in a particular key in a particular instrument
Monday 3:45DL02 The time is now: Embedding 21st Century skill Tim Magner PeteandC ning has the power point.
Steps to creating a 21st Century environment
1. Adopt a vision
2. Create a community consensus
develop rubrics for evaluating
3. Align your whole system
calendar, school year, etc.
Use the MILE guide
Professional development
Prioritze the skills
Identify your PD
Use 21st Century Core subject maps
5. Support the teacher in the classroom
video 21
teach 21
6. Focus on Asssessment
common core
New tech model
NC Genetics assessment
Portfolio of the 4 Cs (Envision Schools)
Senior capstone projects
7. Continuously Improve and Innovate:
Create a continuous improvement culture
Create accountability for things that really matter (accountability)
Model innovation
Think outside:
The classroom
Your campus
Is your school/ district/classroom purposeful and intentional about 21st Century outcomes?
Tuesday 9:00 When Harry met Bella - podcasting EL04 - Elo43080
When Harry met Bella adventures in podcasting
Kendra erickson
Podcast Recorded audio file with an rss feed that enables it to be subscribed.
Title, episode title and sound necessary
Can include a description of the podcast.
Chapters can be useful for separating sections within an episode. Click on
chapter and title it. Backing chapter ...
Add script by assigning lines to each character.
Title the episode
Click on images to create a visual cover image
Choose your actors, use a microphone, loud and clear, can wrap with tissue to
eliminate popping sounds
Press red button to begin recording watch for countdown.
Hit spacebar between each speaker to separate sound bites and color code
wave files.
To eliminate pauses, highlight area to delete and press red X undo button if a
You can add a pause or sound effect from drop down menu.
Volume can be lowered, but you can't increase a section. You can highlight a
section and re-record a section.
Add a second track, hit plus icon next to record, add music background, look for
audio bites. To control volume, use slider on left
Scroll roller ball on mouse will som in and out the timeline.
Save your podcast as a .pod and as an mp3
Publish podcast by pressing the sat alight icon. People icon next to it give
options to email or copy
To listen to podcast, on browser, go to iTunes and subscribe to it.
Go to advanced and subscribe, paste in the URL given earlier.
Tes. Library
Use electronic digital frames
Reading guides using labels
QR codes in books
Wordalls for genre signs
Use a tilde in wordless to string words together
Use advanced screen, play with the weight of words fiddle in between and use a colon to create the wave
HP poster printer 13 x 19
Kids do poster campaign for return library book
Joyce Valenzia
Canadian Shakespeare company does Romeo and Juliet enriched book mashup
collection of art create a story around it
Face out shelving on online bookshelves
Use floater to being up books and book talks
Go to amazon find books get code make face out bookshelf
Publishers put out widgets with book excerpts
Search for author interviews
Sync magazine made free audio books
Only two clicks she uses for path finder view
Use google custom search
Use this to create a full blown research project by linking glogsters
ALA has a free read poster generator.
Free - print out mailer - wrap book - put through postage machine
STHS Library Guides -
Comic life to create posters.
Use it to make comic strips and posters
Build a thesis tool
Create thesis and then outline
Lib guide not free service
It also gives you an outline to write your research paper, gives directions on how to flush out information and support the thesis.
Ask pa librarian
Diego links
School library link to smart phone
Uses edmoto for annual report
Pathfinder swap
Libraries are kitchens
Social studies nine digital handbook. -
Databases library offers are available as databases
Snack widgets
Snack widgets
Ny times widget builder
CDC has widgets
Widget echo system
Scholastic news widget
Google hides in tabs - hidden tools
Google squared comparison project
Google history time line
Itunes U teacher tv collaborative learning, Primary management, learning, ect podcasts, kids create a poster to create a poster ( use comic life on white board) that teaches what ever their assigned topic is. Jigsaw - when kids learn something, teach it to someone else, then self assess and peer assess.
Tuesday HL11 Western PA School for the Deaf HL113454
Posted on the Ning, forums, discussion, concurrent sessions for 2011, title
More affordable than a laptop
Battery life is longer
control the security
Student can be interactive,
Built in eReaders
Each student got their own
All synched to one MacBook with one user account
Buy pager licenses, can all use that app
Security features prevent them from downloading apps or
Searching the web
Mail feature was empty.
School used gaggle as a filtered email
Gave each of the teacher an iPad and synched to their own computer. Given
iTunes gift card to download content specific apps.
Independent use of study island.
Make presentations
NEC is making an app for the VGA adaptors to use the projectors
Use document camera to share, show keynote or slideshow
Office HD, pages, keynote
Drop box will upload and download
Mobicip filters their Internet access is at home and at school
Print and share
Restrictions locks out use of many parts of the iPad
Safari, utube, iTunes, installing apps, in app purchases, location is NOT
IPCU can hold all os your preferences for a group of iPads
Crop for free , crops screen shots
KDKA, WTAE-TV, flashcard share, brain pop
Desktop app allows 2apps open at once
Print and share
Combine 4
Easel algebra 1 pro
Science trivia
Star walk
Language arts
Grammar express
Index card
Quiz let
GEO Walks
Presidents of the us for iPads
State and capitals challenge
10,000 facts
Tues. Ginger Chuck Visual Learning 21st Century
Learning styles example is dancing with the stars argument with Kate and Max
How do your students learn best?
Most are visual, kinesthetic learning
Physical or kinesthetic
Logical or mathematical
Group or social learner
Solitary learner
21st C S
Visual learning is perceived 60,000 times faster
Slides on his web site
Prior knowledge is very hard to unteach.
Decoding ability to apply knowledge of letters to read
Encoding Visually translate
Slides shown, partial shots of the whole, make inferences from what you see.
Are photos representations of history or historical events
Some photos are altered
Dove YouTube video shows how they are altered, giving new version of beauty.
No more than 10% are un retouched always cite the source.
Visual literousy , literesy to learn. book
Digital storytelling means merging
How do you access creativity, it needs to be way at the top
Lessons from Africa, Harnessing Student Creativity by Tutaleni Asino
How does the IPad fit into the contex beyond " cool"
S.w. Africa, Namimbia
Very small population,
One schoolwass in the city, with high technology.
Second school, no computers, just typewriters
Reactions to the iPad:
“I don't want to look bad.” Afraid to touch it
Students interested but afraid to break it,
Thanks, but no thanks, will not allow it because they think it is a distraction
Last group is so excited and can't stop interacting with it.
1. Familiarize, creative exercise, if you had unlimited amount of money and
could create your own phone, what would you make?
2, ask them what they would do with the iPad if they had one
3. What we're their concerns with using it?
Finding wifi. And finding electricity to run it, getting beat up and someone
steal it,
4. Ask students to come up with ways they would like to use it.
5. Have the students test it.
6. Have students be design partners.
45 Minute Social Studies Makeover by James Gates
Not a "how to, but a what to"
Teachers needs:
Collect news feeds
Get world perspectives
Discuss forums and debates and blogs
Share bookmarks to and from students
Common site to create knowledge
Means for students to collaborate
Alternatives to power point
Gathering news feed
Use an aggregator a selection of gathered texts and puts them all in one spot
Gets news articles by search of topic
Morning copy add on for firefox Search a topic, on bottom left, hit latest, gives live feed news.
Can choose the (Egypt).
Search country domain code
Mubarak source: new York times
Forums for discussion Blackboard, levies, wikispaces discussion tab use
Has an option to split a post and make it its own tread.
qzoom for windows allows you to zoom in on your desktop
How do we share bookmarks?
Diigo accounts use tags
Student accounts, upload a list of names and notes are only visible to them
Training with Sharon available graphic bookmarking and sharing
Make tours, pick a place, show street view,
Pecha kucha Method of making a presentation without bullets 20 seconds for
each slide. Changes slide shows to storytellers. Like TedTalk
Really makes students aware of content
On ning for peteandc site
March 4, 2011
Students have finished writing their research papers for Black History month. Although they did the research, they have found the project boring and less than motivating. I have decided that the presentation portion of this project should take on a new "21st Century Skills" light! The options listed below for presentation method was a definite turn on for motivation. Students were permitted to take home the iPad or vado cameras over night to do their projects. This show of trust opened new doors for students who have no technology at home and do not always feel trusted my adults. This communicated my faith in them!
1. Students may work in pairs or groups to complete their projects, but each student must complete their Biography presentation alone. This collaboration allows them to teach each other a process they may be familiar with and give each other a little confidence in trying something new.
2. Students may choose any presentation method they wish to use. This is intended to promote creativity among the students. Many types of technology are also available to the students for their creations. I have demonstrated the use of a few apps on the iPad that they may use and how to make a "paper slide" video cast. (These are commonly seen on youtube by Commoncraft) They have chosen:
Story kit - app on iPad
Songmaker - app on iPad
Puppetshow - app on iPad
Paperslide video using document camera
Timeline using additional computer research
Foster - poster app on iPad
Poster - using artistic personal design
Mobile - using artistic persona design
3. All presentations must be given to the class by one student and will be graded using the 21st Century Skills rubric shown on OSIG wiki page.