Orange Work Day - April 28th, 2011 at the IU

8:00 AM - Check in
8:00- 9:00 Finalize the movie outlines - choose statements, "this I believe...."
9:00-11:30 Choose raw materials - each person choose 10 images that either show the problem or a 21st century strategy in action - and one short video - plan any needed quotes or data
9:00-11:30 During movie work time see Cory to set up your Google Reader and Flipboard
11:30-12:15 Lunch
12:15 - 2:30 - Create the movie stills and a list of any needed sound effects - identify and choose any needed quotes or data
do we need to record students speaking? Mary's daughter? Take snippets from our Voice Thread?



- each person choose at least 10 images and one brief video clips to give to the production team
label each - problem or strategy (if strategy tell which of these does this image document? collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, media/technology)

Orange Meets at Mary's- April 27th, 2011

On April 27th the Orange group held a work session to begin planning our final documentation. We reached the following conclusions.
documentation needed:
1-- personal summary-Answer the following question with a blog post or wikipage summary (use visuals whenever you can)
You have just spent the past school year exploring what happens when you teach through a 21st century mindset- teaching collaboration,
communication, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. What changed in your teaching? What changed in your students?
2- group summary-
How will we collectively tell our story?
a- dipity time line
b- our CIG playground filled with artifacts from our classrooms
c- a movie to inspire visitors to our CIG playground and publish on youtube

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Webex Meeting - April 18th, 2011

Attending: Mary Kendall, Diane Ader, Lorraine Kelly, Amy White, Lauren Kendall, Cory Wilkerson
On Sunday April 17th, Orange CIG met by Webex to begin planning the final documentation. What will it look like? Where will it live? During this year we have been using a blog for reflection and discussion and a wiki site as our "filing cabinet". Some of us used the wiki for a journal, reflecting on the go. Others blogged about the classroom experiences and others did both. Now it's time to wrap it all up in a format the the world can understand. Diane Ader took responsibility for reviewing other CIG groups documentation and peeking out on the web at other projects. Diane reported back to the group with the following suggestions:
- our final documentation should be exciting, it should draw people in
- we should revisit our original statement of the challenges our students face and assess where we are now in each classroom
- our final documentation should showcase the best of all of the artifacts we have been collecting along the way- images, text, video, audio

Diane was intrigued by the Red CIG use of a tool called Wallwisher to brainstorm their final documentation. Diane shared the tool and trained everyone to use it live using the features of our Webex trial. She posed the question: what if we used Wallwisher to create a final scrapbook page on the front of our wiki? Each person could post sticky's with images from their classroom documenting highlights of this year's inquiry.

Cory posed the question: how will this tool show our story? How will this tool allow us to share what we discovered as we pursed the question "How does a 21st century mindset impact teaching and learning?"

Lorraine asked how we can avoid duplicate work, or adding layers and it was agreed that we would create links to our existing documentation. Important question: Can you embed a link in a wallwisher sticky?

We agreed to explore Wallwisher as a possible visual way to tell our story. It will go on the front page of the wiki and the blog and we will link to both.

Mary reported on the progress of movie making. Mary is leading the creation of a CIG movie for the CIG playground. We will create the movie in two meetings: one on the 27th at Mary's house at 5:00 PM (bring food) and during the IU work day. In preparation for creating the movie and leading this effort Mary has taken training at the Apple store in iMovie. Mary asked us all to bring images, audio files, etc. to share our story.

Next meeting: Wed May 27th - 5:00 PM at Mary's

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Day 5 - March 4th, 2011

Can all attend April 29th?
Can some do interviews?
Google Docs for Aps - please pair, share and be there (on the log)

Analyzing Data
Cross Pollinate with Purple CIG

Day 6:
How will we tell our final story?
for the CIG Sandbox?
for the Ning?

Cello Fury Response
Notes by Amy White
3-4-11 cello fury

What question does the cello piece conjure up?

Historical and cultural : Diane: How would a composer from the 1700s feel about hearing this instrument being played in this manner?

Jessica: How do the pauses in the piece effect the feel of the music?

Mary: How do performers perform without a composer? If you put that piece in front of three random performers, would it have sounded different?

Everyone blogged about the experience. Next we began our CIG time meeting. We began with a pair and share on iPad aps. Everyone found a partner and shared their favorite aps, then posted them to our google doc collection. Next we "cross pollinated" by sharing with the Purple CIG. Folks shared the wiki, but many also shared their blog posts. We looked at an example of documentation of a collaborative inquiry group done only in visuals. We ended by planning for the final CIG sandbox day. We are going to share a movie. We talked about a line of iPads each showing one of the 21st century skills we worked with. Can we all meet at Mary's on the 28th to make an iMovie? In the meantime everyone collect images, movies, sound files, whatever will work. *Cory will get permission to use a Cello Fury song as our sound track.

  • it's official, we have permission!

Afternoon Job Alike Sharing Questions:
How are you using technology in your classroom and how has it impacted your students?
How are you using technology in your documentation and how has it impacted your documentation?
How are you using technology in your inquiry and how has it impacted your inquiry?-

Day 6 planning Day
iPad Surround sound - use iBanner to rotate the key words from our inquiry - center is an iPad with a movie running (or netbook) - Critical Thhinking - Collaboration - Creativity - Communication - Technology -

music mash up - each pick a song that speaks to our inquiry - this song will be background For the movie our CIG will make.
Moviemaker ?

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Skype Meetings - February 16th and 28th

Orange Group met by Skype to check in on the progress of the inquiry. Amy, Cory, Diane, Jessica, Lauren and Lorraine attended. We discussed the inquiry question and teased out what a "21st Century Mindset" might mean. The inquiry question revolves around a focus on teaching that encourages communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. We intend to bring in technology in meaningful ways as tools for learning and incorporate strategies for independent learners.

Next each person gave a brief review of their progress on their inquiry. Diane is experimenting with self assessment as a part of an effort to create independent learners. In addition she has placed a focus on collaboration, especially with one of her smaller classes. She described a wonderful moment in the classroom where her students surpassed her expectations as she used an inquiry approach to the learning. Lorraine has been trying to use more technology, especially the iPad and an interactive white board. Lorraine uses the iPad to challenge and motivate individual learners, and then asks her students to reflect on their learning. She asks students to collaborate in small groups and to teach their classmates using the smart board in order to develop communication skills. Jessica has been working on using technology as a communication tool and to engage her students. She has her students researching composers using the school's computer lab. She will use a jigsaw technique of sharing knowledge in order to encourage her students to communicate. Amy is working on using technology and graphic arts along with a trash/recycling art project. Amy wants her students to collaborate on an installation artwork using huge volumes of recycled paper they have been collecting. In this way she hopes to combine collaboration, creativity and communication in a real world project. Lauren has targeted her sixth grade class and has been working all year on building their skills in self expression using the arts. Lauren is focusing on communication and independent learning skills by asking her students to pitch a project to her and then follow through. Lauren also is working on appreciating diversity and social intelligence, as she teaches her students to celebrate their own uniqueness through the arts.

Mary was unable to attend with the group but met on 2-28 to discuss her inquiry. Mary is working on collaboration, communication and technology use with her middle school band students. She began by asking herself to consider ways to teach her students that music communicates something. How can they explore this? She has created a student self assessment in the form of a survey that students will use to evaluate their own performance. Students will first discuss the pieces they will perform, then try to identify the "mood" of the piece. Mary will use Google Forms to collect student responses in which they critique their performances. In addition she has taped their performance, and the students will then watch a video of themselves and create their own survey question to examine their work. A sampling of the student created questions will be used to create another survey in which the students critique themselves from the perspective of an audience member experiencing the performance.

Finally the group examined documentation as both a reflection tool and a story of learning. Cory shared the final day's CIG Sandbox idea and it was decided to meet April 29th at the IU to create a movie for our "kiosk".

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Meeting at IU 1-14-2010

8:30 - 9:00 Engage with the work of art - Mattress Factory Museum brings The Space I'm In


9:00 - 10:30
Blog about the experience:
In pairs - help each other set up an account at Wordpress
*Everyone now has their own page on the Wordpress blog. We will use this blog as our main place to write about our experiences. Our individual pages allow us a place to put links, videos, audio, pictures, etc.
download the word press ap to your iPad
email Cory the address you used
blog about the work of art
*We had the opportunity to see "The Space I'm In" from The Mattress Factory. This is an example of Installation Art and for many was a new experience.
go in the back way and edit your blog to include tags and categories
respond to each other's blogs with a comment
set up a page describing yourself on the blog
*Mary will look for a "protocol" to help guide us in creating our description
10:30 - 11:30
Would you like to document using the blog for both a "file cabinet" and a journal and reflection tool?
*The blog is our file cabinet and journal, but our formal presentation will be on the Wiki
How do you feel about our blog being open?
*Our blog will only be open to us and to each group facilitator
ex- Blue CIG - Red CIG
housekeeping - who is using the iPad with their students? who would possibly like to represent our group at Pete N C with a video of your work?
*Lorraine and Amy met with Mara during lunch to discuss ways they are using their iPads in the classroom
we need one person to meet with Mara at lunch
also: anyone interested in participating in an iPad group on the NING?

12:30 - 12:40 - engage with the work of art again - How would you use this in your classroom?
*We each had to briefly describe how we could use this work of art with our students
12:40 - 1:15
Revisiting the Question - we took a look at the 21st Century Skills website, and narrowed our focus to the following areas:
Critical Thinking
Media Technology
look at LoTi and HEAT - How might these two reference scales help us in our inquiry? How might these two reference scales help use the technology in thoughtful and transformative ways?
*LoTi and HEAT seem to be a good way to gauge how much and how effectively we are using technology in our classroom.
Everyone is to write a blog post about HEAT.
1:15- 1:30 Action Planning and Next Steps
Plan our next meeting: face to face? skype? skype office hours? site visits?
*Our next meetings will be a combination of Skype and face to face, depending on the person.
Next we did an activity with the large group where we talked about criticism.
Lastly, we received most of our technology orders. Some things are still not in yet.

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - 1/11/2011 - Skype Meeting

Agenda: Explore the question: Where are we now?
Group members attending: Mary, Lauren, Amy, Lorraine, Diane - members Skyped in or were added as able

Here are some notes from our Skype on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011
Our updated wikispace:


Lorraine Kelly1/11/11 6:48 PM atomiclearning
cory8881/11/11 6:48 PM http://ora​ngeinquiry​.wordpress​.com
1/11/11 6:48 PM
here is our blog
1/11/11 6:59 PM
Goal: decide on documentation tools at Fri meeting

Lorraine Kelly1/11/11 7:09 PM www.atomic​​m use username kellyl@was​hington.k1​ password teacherwsd 84 tutorials on wordpress
1/11/11 7:11 PM
that is supposed to be www.atomic​learning.c​om my L was out again!

cory8881/11/11 7:12 PM
Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:22 PM Friday - spend time discussing blogs, wiki, googledocs, polls and forms
Amy A White1/11/11 7:23 PM
Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:26 PM Diane and Mary are focusing on assessment to address the inquiry question.
1/11/11 7:27 PM
Lorraine is using content to teach media skills and is planning to use the SmartBoard in her class.

cory8881/11/11 7:34 PM media literacy - use of technology - self assessment for responsible independent learners - making presentations
Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:38 PM Action Research - do it with thought. Write down what you are doing and REFLECT. Share what we write with each other.
cory8881/11/11 7:38 PM start by defining 21st century mindset - self thinking - self evaluating - through the use of various strategies
1/11/11 7:39 PM
Diane is suggested sharing and evaluating each other's work
1/11/11 7:39 PM
Lorraine shared that if we all shared what we were doing we could all relate
1/11/11 7:40 PM
Diane - it is not the actual activity- it is the sharing - the quided questions
1/11/11 7:40 PM
well put!
1/11/11 7:41 PM
the more we share the more we are going to learn

Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:41 PM Diane - teach us more about 21st century skills!
cory8881/11/11 7:44 PM share - 21st century skills exercises
1/11/11 7:44 PM
share - work in our classrooms
1/11/11 7:44 PM
share - day to day challenges

Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:44 PM Put the links to 21st century skills on our wiki
cory8881/11/11 7:45 PM can we use discussion threads?
1/11/11 7:45 PM
Do we want a discussion thread or forum of some type?
1/11/11 7:45 PM
that we could add to daily

Lorraine Kelly1/11/11 7:46 PM yes
Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:46 PM I think that would be a good idea. A central place to check and share.
cory8881/11/11 7:46 PM weekly
Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:46 PM I think it will help keep us focused.
Lauren Nemchik1/11/11 7:46 PM lets do it
Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:47 PM Bring a report of a strategy you tried, then the group responds
cory8881/11/11 7:47 PM Do we want to do a formal sharing of strategies used on a monthly basis? In face to face or skype meetings?

*Diane suggested the Wiki as our place to check weekly, and the blog as our place for formal sharing of strategies*
Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:48 PM
cory8881/11/11 7:50 PM So more immediate week to week sharing using some sort of online journal with a discussion thread
1/11/11 7:50 PM
We willl decide on the tool after training on Friday

*Lorraine posted links to using the WordPress blog on the Wiki*

Diane Ader1/11/11 7:51 PM Thank you Lorraine
Lauren Nemchik1/11/11 7:51 PM
cory8881/11/11 7:57 PM challenge- can we come up with a rubric we can all use?
1/11/11 7:57 PM
create perform reflect

Mary Kendall1/11/11 7:58 PM Diane will bring some rubrics on Friday. Thanks Diane!

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - 12/3/2010 - Meeting at the IU

Roles: Time Keeper: Diane Facilitator: Lauren Recorder: Mary Documentation: Amy

Connecting to Content: Arts 2.0 Pre Test Question Mix Up
(review Definitions - Think About Collaborative Inquiry)

Each CIG had to define a piece of the SAS puzzle in a 10 word sentence.
Orange CIG summarized Curriculum Framework this way: " Curriculum Framework models a curriculum based on big ideas."

Orange and Blue CIGs met together to discuss our inquiry questions and see how they relate to SAS. We found that our questions have many similarities in that we are both looking at how technology will impact student achievement.
We immediately saw technology as part of the materials and resources piece. Joy (blue CIG) shared a great intervention using the iPad with an autistic child. Another blue member shared the use of PDF files with a visually impaired student.

Collaboration/Documentation: a blog? Ning? Who needs help?
check out our blog at:

Next we looked at the cycle of inquiry and revisited our question. What does this question look like in each person's classroom? Does anything need to change?

What did we discuss?
*21st century skills

1. Critical thinking and problem solving
2. Communication
3. Collaboration
4. Creativity
5. Innovation
6. Information literacy
7. Media literacy
8. Info, comm, and tech literacy
9. Flexability and adaptability
10. Initiative and self direction
11. Social and cross cultural skills
12. Productivity Nd accountability
13. Leadership and responsibility

Question from Cory... Is our question too broad? Should we change our question?

OR let's see if we can group the 13' they can be lumped.

We grouped the ideas together.

  • using content to teach skills!!!

Diane's exercise
Posters, team building activity party

*We have a NEW question!
How can a 21st century mindset improve student learning?

The questions that stem from this...

How can we use content to teach skills?
How can assessment increase problem solving, goal setting, and self direction?
How can making lesson goals clear to students increase initiative and self direction and make connections to their life?
How can we use our content to teach media literacy.
How can we use our content to teach social and cross cultural skills?

Amy and Lauren are making posters of the 13 essentials.

Diane is leading a workshop.

What's next?
Meeting on January 11th, at 5 o'clock , Bentleyville holiday inn express, next to travel lodge, behind kings.
We will order food there.

For Next Time: Develop an Action Research Plan - meet individually with Cory to discuss where you will go with your inquiry. Be prepared to share:
Information and Data collection Needed. (see model Fig.4 handed out at the meeting)
Create Action Plan for next few months: Before Meeting/ During Meeting (see model Fig. 4.3 handed out at the meeting)

Team building games for 21st Century Skils:

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - iPad Playground at Lorraine's - 11-30-2010

Orange met at Lorraine's house for shared dinner and iPad playground. We borrowed the document camera from the IU to share iPad aps. Orange created an iPad ap review sheet using Google Docs. Purchase requests were finalized.

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group Meeting - 11-22-2010 - Skype Meeting

The Orange Collaborative Inquiry group held a Skype meeting on Monday November 22nd from 8PM - 9:30 PM. Attending were Amy, Cory, Diane, Lauren, Lorraine and Mary. Jessica attempted to join us later in the meeting however we were unable to get her connected. Cory will touch base with her later to help her make up the time and catch her up.

The meeting began with a discussion of possible purchases. Orange CIG had decided on a deadline of 11-23 for choosing items to purchase but after the evening's discussion we decided to extend the deadline to 11-29. Right now Lorraine and Diane have decided on their choices. Lorraine is interested in the Aver Media document camera and pen set for student centered technology based projects as a part of exploring 21st century skills. Diane is interested in a lady bug to project sheet music and explore self assessment tools with her class and a good digital camera for taking photos and documenting her inquiry work. Mary originally was considering purchasing more netbooks and setting up a computer lab andnow is exploring a projector and document camera. Amy and Lauren are still considering the options. They are interested in the Q-3 and document cameras. Amy also talked about the possibility of purchasing more iPad or netbooks for use with her students.
General discussion points:
- Q 3 is a great documentation tool
- document cameras are great especially in Visual Arts classes
- Snowball mics would be very helpful if you plan on Skyping in to each other's classrooms
- netbooks make great classroom computers, however the advantage of an iPad is that you can download
inexpensive software to use without needing the internet

Next we discussed the status of our inquiry. Our question has morphed a bit into "How can an emphasis on 21st century skills and self assessment better engage my students and increase student learning?" Cory asked the group how they will begin their inquiry and asked Diane and Lorraine to report out what they did last year once the question was determined. Lauren, Amy and Mary asked several questions and the group explored what the inquiry question might look like in the classroom for a bit.
General discussion points:
- once you have the question think of what you are already doing along those lines
- think about how you can improve what strategy might you try? what resources might you need?
- think about how you can measure the effectiveness of anything you try - do you need to do a student survey? will there be some sort of pre and post test or activity? do you need to look at student homework, test scores, etc?
- think about how you might document what you did -journals? teacher logs? student work samples?
- there are 2 types of ways to measure success-
quantitative- ex: Lorraine last year documented her student test scores without any new teaching strategies tried and then again after each strategy she tried - then she graphed her results -
qualitative-ex: Diane journaled about the strategies she tried and recorded student work samples and her observations about the successes

Cory noted that journaling on line and sharing was something that last year's group wanted to increase so that all have a chance to react to each others work. Lorraine and Amy have already begun commenting on Ning.

Cory asked the group what resources we need to know more about 21st century skills. She will share some resources from Dr. Victoria Stevens who looks at creativity, 21st century skills and the arts.

Next meeting: Tuesday November 30th at Lorraine's house - 5:00 PM
iPad and tech playground

Deadlines: 11/29 - get purchase requests to Cory
11/30 - come prepared with one strategy you will try in the classroom to answer our question:
Wondering is now: How can an emphasis on 21st century skills and self assessment better engage my students and increase student learning?

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Friday November 5th, 2010 - Meeting at the IU

Recorder: Amy Documentation:Diane Facilitator/Parking Lot: Lorraine Timekeeper: Jessica

1st 30 mins: Housekeeping
- documentation: shall we use the Ning?
- Documentation requirement: log hours, CIG response form
- money for purchases

2nd 30 mins: Revisit our students - what are their needs?
- view paper students using Voice Thread and comment

Next Hour and one half: Fine tune our question:
- reading/handout in pairs
- revisit questions - anything to eliminate? combine? add? rework?

Final 30 mins: Discussion
- apply the litmus test

(Questions to visit pulled from interviews with 4 of you, the input you gave when you signed up for the course and our meeting at California University)
How can we create a classroom climate of risk taking and problem solving? How can I use technology to help my students learn?
How can I use technology to better engage my students?
How can I use collaborative learning?
Can we combine some of these to something like: How can technology enable collaboration to better engage learners?
What happens to student achievement if I work on emotional support?
How do student emotions connect with student engagement and achievement?
How will the strategy of teaching self assessment impact student learning?
How does teaching students how to learn, be creative, innovative, risk taking, problem solving, self assessment, technology... to engage our students and help them succeed?

Inquiry Question:
How can I use 21st century skills and self assessment to better engage my students and increase student learning?


*8:45- Documentation, log onto wiki space
- reminder of where log spreadsheets are located

*8:55- $1200 gift for the orange CIG group! Merry Christmas early! Choose from
list given.
- discuss different equipment

*9:16- Ning, should we use it for documentation?

*9:30- Discussing our question
- How do we help students succeed by...
- success can be gained through motivation, confidence, collaboration,
technology, emotional support, using school tools

Theme threads: student engagement and support
Collaborative learning

  • Technology for teaching thread
Apple classroom of tomorrow. What would happen when teachers start to use technology more in the classroom? Were students more engaged? Teachers had a hard time getting into this because they didn't have the training or experience. Teachers found out that students became more engaged.
Problems? Teachers cannot be forced to automatically chug their teaching styles, it needed to gradually change. Most educators aren't apt to change their styles. "Rome cannot be built in a day." The process of creating this change takes time, and willingness to learn.
Perks? Yet, there were positive outcomes, students absentee rate became lower, students quickly picked up on it, decreased dropout rate. Teachers willing to make a change will gain positive attention from administrators, parents, and students. * Diane gave a great example of this.
What needs to be done? Leaders need to step up and be willing to help teach educators on technology based classrooms, collaboration must take place in order to maintain support and room for growth and success.

The Big Question?
How can choose meaningful technology for my classroom that works for my circumstances? How can I be a beneficial role model for this new type of teaching for peer educators?

  • Collaborative teaching thread-
Pros? Helps students prepare for job market, developed critical thinkers, improves test scores ( regardless of student environment and student background), enables students to transfer new learning to new kinds of situations, structured diary prompts, more successful when taught hot to learn, not just what to learn.

Cons? Balancing directed instruction and free student learning, difficult to overview every aspect of each project to make them stay to the objective.

The Big Question?
How can we connect my curriculum to a real world project or task?

  • Building connectedness / emotional support
Pros? Experience connections with peers and faculty, recognize student success and value their ideas, use self evaluation, effective learning, self awareness, developmental
Cons? Students believe teachers don't understand their lives. Hippa laws? Keep safe?

The Big Question?
How might a strategy of teaching self assessment impact student learning?

10:58- The Inquiry Question ?
Condensing our ideas into one question

Ideas discussed? Collaboration, risk taking, problem solving, self assessment,technology, teaching students how to learn, creativity/innovatiion.

How can I use meaningful 21st century skills and self assessment to better engage my students and increase student learning.

11:30- lunch break

THE QUESTION ...dun dun duuunnn
How can I use 21st century skills and self assessment in my art classroom to better engage my students?

12:35- critical response introduction
Attack dance theater

Intuitive criticism: ones own intuition, thoughts

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - Face to Face Meeting - 10-13-2010

California University Library - 4:30 - 7:00 PM
1- Housekeeping/Announcements
Please register your serial numbers for your iPad and Netbook on line
Please make certain you are documenting your hours using the link to the Orange Hours Log
Review course requirements – any questions?
Working Dinner Break
2- Finding our Inquiry Question
Our Teaching Community: What We Bring to the Table
- as rapidly as you can please find images that represent your triumphs
and challenges as a teacher and lay them in the middle of the floor
Our Students
- as rapidly as you can please create a paper person student and find images that represent the triumphs and challenges they face
3- Gallery Walk
- share reasons for your choices and identify common elements
4-Looking at common elements please brainstorm an inquiry question

We spent the first portion of the meeting sharing dinner and housekeeping, then began to work on identifying a wondering to drive our inquiry question. Each person chose images clipped from magazines and newspapers that symbol9ized their teaching and created a collage on the floor within the circle of a table cloth- this is what we all bring to the table. Next each teacher create a paper image to represent their students and filled these paper students with images that symbolized their students' challenge and triumphs. Without discussing our collages, we brainstormed to explore what questions connect the community of teachers with the students, looked for commonalities and paired the ideas down then turned them into questions by adding "What happens if?" and "How can we?" to each thought.

How can we create a classroom climate of risk taking and problem solving?
How can we better engage our students?
How can we create unforgettable experiences every day?
How can we help ALL students to succeed?

To add to our list created when everyone signed up for Arts Educator 2.0 Year Three:

How can I use technology to help my students learn?
How can I showcase my work/advocate for my program?
How can I better engage/motivate my students?
How can I use collaborative learning?


What We Bring to the Table from Cory Wilkerson on Vimeo.

Our Cycle of Inquiry from Cory Wilkerson on Vimeo.

What puzzles you about teaching, learning and interactions with students?
- kids new jargon
- emotions vary day to day
- cliques
- the drama
- how much should I be involved in students' personal lives?
- Relating to Student:
- How?
- How much?
- Arts & Emotional Connections
- Teaching is acting (huge ups and downs during your day- you must hide)
- Content and Instruction Issues
- Integrated kids
- Differentiated instruction
- coping with wrap arounds
- changing expectations of administration
- language for advocacy

Help all students succeed
Clear roles/compassion
Unforgetable daily
Challenges of MS dramas
Balancing work and homelife
Remember the outlook you have; your students will have
Treating students well
Stability of space/position

What do students do well in your class and what don't they do well?
They attend well/don't attend well
They socialize (confuses socialization with participation)
They don't clean up
They get too easily frustrated
They say “I can't”
Don't complete work on their own
Some are self motivated
Don't ask good questions
Kids beginning to enjoy more difficult challenges (like learning to eat vegatables)
Constant battle digging for more funds – trying to get $$ for your students
Keeping variety
Balancing student needs with reality

What do you wish you could see?
Confidence in our students to try and grow
Students self motivated

We explored our students' challenges and triumphs using paper collages. Check out the discussion at voice thread: 1452499/
We came up with the following words and images as being the core of our community:
- for the lives touched (We care deeply about students)
- unforgettable experiences made daily (We want to engage students and get them excited about learning)
- feed confidence (We recognize the need to build student confidence)
- helping all students succeed (We want to reach all students)
- take the leap (We want our students to take risks- we want to take risks)
- dig for more (We want to dig for more- more resources, better teaching, a clear idea of what is working and what isn't)
- pearls before swine (We understand the concept of readiness – for students to learn they must want to try)
- fresh take (We are looking for a fresh take- a new way to teach – a new way to learn)

Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group - September 24th, 2010 - First Meeting at IU 1

Great Opportunity- The Space I'm In!

Our Agenda

Meet and Greet- Who are all these people?
Activity: share our objects

What questions do we all have? and What is this documentation thing?
Activity: Paired reading - internet hunt

What is collaborative inquiry?
Activity: Pool Knowledge

What will our inquiry look like?
What do we believe to be true about teaching?
What do we believe to be true about learning?
Next steps - meeting dates

1- Peruse this website and see what you think- any materials we should use for next meeting?

2- Please get a skype account and share your skype name with me to pass on.


Our group met on September 24th at IU 1. After spending the morning in a Digital Playground, with two of our members facilitating (Diane Ader shared music software and Lorraine Kelly shared digital cameras) we spent some time meeting and greeting each other over lunch while unboxing our iPads. Since the group had corresponded prior to the meeting, everyone had come prepared with a netbook or computer either loaded or ready to load with iTunes and their iTunes password. The unboxing and start up went smoothly- soon group members were sharing photos and downloading some free aps. Next we made certain that all members had Skype accounts- most already had signed up for Skype and had downloaded the software to their computer. Many already had active accounts. We shared contact information and got everyone up and running so that we could hold future Skype meetings. Facilitator Cory Wilkerson arranged Skype meeting times with our new members Mary, Amy and Lauren for orientation to the netbook. Amy and Lauren will also need help getting their netbook on line in their homes and setting up wireless access for their iPads on their home accounts.

Since three of our members are returning and three are new to this group, we spent the next portion of our meeting time in an exercise to get to know each other better. Each person had been asked to bring a personal object that symbolized something meaningful to them about their teaching. We paired up and shared our objects and the ways the object symbolized our teaching. Then each person traded objects and found a new partner; then introduced their new partner to the object they were now holding. When all had a chance to share, we stopped the exercise and each person told the group about the object they were holding and what it meant to the person to whom it belonged.

Next we briefly began thinking about our inquiry question. Last year's participants shared our question from last year and how it played out in their classrooms. The group identified a time to meet mid October to begin searching for a wondering that all can connect with.

Next meeting: October 13, 2010 from 4:30 -7:00