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The video to the left is unedited and poorly filmed, but it shows the students using
graphic organizers to create memory links for information needed to write essay or
open ended reponses.
After ony a coupe of weeks of having the new Interactive White board and the iPad
in the classroom, I gave my students the following survey. I plan on giving the survey
later in the year.

To view the survey: (if you need the password to view, please email me for it)

Today I am looking at the results to see where the tools are most effective and students are most/ least responsive.

To view results for the end of the year:

Most students are very motivated by the use of new technology. There are always new volunteers to be the “teacher” using the IWB or to use the iPad.

This week I introduced the Avermedia Document Camera and the second iPad. They enjoyed doing the survey and loved being able to see information provided by the D.Camera. Can’t wait to really learn how to use them a more effectively.

I’m a go! I talked to my principal and got permission to do the installation art piece in the stairwell! He was a little worried about turning the lights out in the stairwell, but the projected images (and the presence of a video camera) should deter any “hanky-panky”! My plan is to have the students:
a. (In pairs) choose a mood or theme for their art piece

b. take digital pictures and/or find free photos on-line

c. make a sideshow

d. install the projected images

e. write a reflection of their work, what they expect student reaction to be, what is their reaction to their work.

f. videotape students reaction as they change classes in the stairwell.

g. write reflections of student reaction as they travel through the stairwell to change classes.

Jan. 26, 2011

I assigned my kids (who said they wanted to make the graphic organizers on their survey) to make some for the reviews for essay questions. They are really excited about it. We started the new 9 weeks today, so I’m starting the art installation project, too.

Posted on February 20, 2011 by lorrainekelly
Ok, update on the art installation piece. Mixed reviews from the school, as expected. Depending on the artist and what kind of images they chose to put in the stairwell, makes huge difference. Students are always surprised, but are definitely verbal on what they feel – awesome! Faculty love them, the venue for the slide show, walking through it to get up the steps, makes it impossible to ignore. Even if you only see 5 slides, you have an emotional response. Cute, cuddly animals, scenes of war, fancy cars – you can’t feel the same. But, the most fascinating response was from the first graders! They were excited, dancing across the projections, non stop talking and laughing. Of course, I only invite them when there aren’t any disturbing images. They respond to the interview questions enthusiastically and take the interview very seriously. I’m calling this project a success!

1st graders part 1 from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

March 4, 2011


Students have finished writing their research papers for Black History month. Although they did the research, they have found the project boring and less than motivating. I have decided that the presentation portion of this project should take on a new "21st Century Skills" light! The options listed below for presentation method was a definite turn on for motivation. Students were permitted to take home the iPad or vado cameras over night to do their projects. This show of trust opened new doors for students who have no technology at home and do not always feel trusted my adults. This communicated my faith in them!
1. Students may work in pairs or groups to complete their projects, but each student must complete their Biography presentation alone. This collaboration allows them to teach each other a process they may be familiar with and give each other a little confidence in trying something new.
2. Students may choose any presentation method they wish to use. This is intended to promote creativity among the students. Many types of technology are also available to the students for their creations. I have demonstrated the use of a few apps on the iPad that they may use and how to make a "paper slide" video cast. (These are commonly seen on youtube by Commoncraft) They have chosen:
Story kit - app on iPad
Songmaker - app on iPad
Puppetshow - app on iPad
Paperslide video using document camera
Timeline using additional computer research
Foster - poster app on iPad
Poster - using artistic personal design
Mobile - using artistic persona design
3. All presentations must be given to the class by one student and will be graded using the 21st Century Skills rubric shown below.

Max Dragich teaches the students about the Korean War Memorial

Below is an example of a rap done on "Songmaker" by Megan McGuill, 7th grader, March 7, 2011

== songmaker.jpg


Below is a link to a realy short biography done on the Storykit App:
Below is a link to the PollDaddy survey I gave my students. Sadly, I changed the old survey instead of making a new one, so the comparrison of data has to be made from the begining of the year to the end by my calculations.

Maria Sova's Black History biography interview - video

Untitled from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

Stormy created a timeline with photos and video for her presentation:

Untitled from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

Below is a "paper slide" video created by Isaac Pleta - a really cool way to give a ton of information!

Untitled from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

Week of March 21st:
Developed rubrics for self evauation of acting skills for communication class performing Romeo and Juliet. Students performed, videotaped their performance on stage (in costume), viewed their tapes and evaluated their performance. They performed one more scene, trying to improve their scores where they feel they need to improve. They re-evaluate themselves, looking for improvement. Below are video shorts of the same students before and after self assessment. They definately worked on being "Seen, heard, and Brave!"

Untitled from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

Untitled from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.
A time line maker used my Jarel Dates.

The last BIG project I did with my communications class was a unit on Romeo and Juliet. We finished the project by having the students write a summary of the play. They wrote about the plot and the theme of the play. They turned it into a rap by rhyming it and setting it to music on the Songmaker app. This was such a successful project of using higher order critical thinking. They wanted to tell the whole story but also discuss the theme and its importance to them.

Using www.cueprompter and SongMaker APP from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

The final project for Social Studies is usually a 3-D build of something in Washington DC. The students choose a topic and build a representative or make a poster. I opened it up to digital presentations. Response was very positive and projects are coming in faster and earlier than required! Below is a link to Brittany Gilpins very personal (family) and public presentation on the Vietnam War Memorial. The picture book shown in the video was dedicated to and features her great uncle, Terry Gilpin.
vietnam memorial